The Ghost Of Christopher Lloyd Saved Rays Reporter Kelly Nash From An Instagram Death

What you’re looking at is the best-possible and most serendipitous sports “selfie” you can take.

Meet Tampa Bay Rays reporter Kelly Nash. In addition to being pretty and having a great baseball job, she comes equipped with a magical forcefield that keeps her from getting drilled by fly balls when she’s taking Instagram pics at Fenway Park instead of paying attention. The photo hasn’t been doctored … in fact, representatives from the Rays speaking with Yahoo Sports seemed surprised at the idea that anyone WOULD doctor a photo like that, and I have to agree. I can’t get my phone to take a picture of anything more mobile than a bowl of fruit without it blurring up. This photo was a gift.

If you’re wondering what mystical force kept Kelly from getting brained, here’s a quick conversation from her Twitter this morning explaining why she and actor Tony Danza are so very much alike:

When asked for a comment, Joseph Gordon-Levitt just started staring at me and flapping his arms.