08.21.07 11 years ago 26 Comments

The Astros lost at home to the Nationals last night, but they still had a better night than one fan who used the romantic backdrop of a meaningless baseball game in humid-ass Houston to propose to his date.

With the couple highlighted on the big screen, the mood soured after the man took a knee to offer an engagement ring. Wearing a brick-red replica Astros jersey, the woman appeared to angrily dump a bag of popcorn on the man before rushing up the stairs amid a chorus of boos.  After the top of the sixth, the man left amid cheers from the sympathetic crowd.

"If it was an act, she put on a good one," [Astros manager Phil] Garner said. "She looked totally surprised and then totally mad."

Totally surprised, then totally mad.  I've gotten that before.  But at least I planned mine a little bit better.  We walked on the beach at sunset, then I took her out to a nice, candlelit dinner.  After she'd had a few glasses of really expensive champagne, I got down on one knee and said, "Baby, I have syphilis."  What can you do?  Some chicks are really uptight.


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