'The Jim Leyland Breakfast' Is Pretty Awesome And Probably Accurate

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03.14.13 2 Comments

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland is awesome because he’s a grizzled, old badass who plays by his own rules and is one of the last remaining icons of baseball’s old school. He’s like the Robert Duvall of managing. But just writing that makes it feel like the guy is 105-years old, when he’s only 68. That didn’t stop people from trying to push him from the dugout to the retirement home, though, after his Tigers failed to win the World Series.

So when asked about possible retirement last week, Leyland reminded us why so many people just adore the guy.

“I’m not retiring,” he said bluntly, sitting in his office at Joker Marchant Stadium before a day game against the New York Mets. “Whether we win or we don’t win.

“Now, they (owner Mike Ilitch and GM Dave Dombrowski) might have a different thought, but it won’t be mine. I feel good, I like what I do, I have no intention of retiring.”

“You know what, if I went out tomorrow, I wouldn’t care how any of you guys felt, I would feel like I went out on top,” Leyland said. “I was a backup Double A catcher who hit (bleeping) .222. I’ve managed in the big leagues 22 years, with a world title, division titles, American League championships. Now, what the (heck)?

“I would say, holy (bleep)! I’ve got some money in my pocket, I’ve had a lot of fun, managed a lot of great players, against a lot of great players. What’s to (bleep) about?” (Via Detroit News)

Bleepin’ A, he’s awesome. To celebrate just how awesome Leyland is, cartoonist Carl Skanberg posted this animated short entitled, “The Jim Leyland Breakfast” to Vine and it’s pretty simple and very awesome.

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