05.30.07 11 years ago 29 Comments

Lakers owner Jerry Buss joined the ever-growing list of fabulously wealthy people who can afford to have a personal driver but still get behind the wheel after drinking, as he was arrested for suspicion of DUI late Tuesday night.

The 74-year-old Buss was taken into custody shortly before 1 a.m. after he drove his gold Mercedes-Benz station wagon the wrong way on a street… "Although I was driving only a short distance, it was a bad decision and I was wrong to do it," Buss said in a statement issued by the Lakers. "It was a mistake I will not make again."

Well, yeah.  Of course he's not going to make the mistake again.  He's 74 years old.  He may be dead by the time I finish writing this sentence.  Still alive?  Okay, whatever.  He's got, like, a week.

Also of note: an unidentified 23-year-old woman was with Buss in the car when he got arrested.  Please God let that be his granddaughter or his secretary.  Because any other explanation… ew.  Just ew.  Old people are gross.

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