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UPDATE: SportsCenter has just reported that Mike Leach has been fired.

SECOND UPDATE: See the “sheds” in question here. Oh, and Leach is still fired.

Here’s the latest on this who Mike Leach/Adam James fiasco: Mike Leach filed a temporary restraining order, which would allow him to coach his team in the Alamo Bowl Saturday. Texas Tech suspended their coach after claims of mistreatment stemming from Adam James, son of some guy on ESPN.

SportsCenter has aired details of an email to AD Gerald Myers–from Tech’s wide receivers coach Lincoln Riley–citing James’ poor work ethic and sense of entitlement. But in fact there have been at least six emails leaked from former members of the Texas Tech football program, perhaps none more damaging to James’ credibility than former Tech quarterback and 2008 Heisman Trophy finalist Graham Harrell:

Adam was on the baseball team his true freshman year at Tech, before he ever joined the football team, and did not make it through the baseball season because of his selfish attitude. After a baseball game in which he felt like he did not get enough playing time, but the team still won twenty to one, he came into the locker room after the game and “pouted and threw a big fit” according another player on the baseball team.

A few weeks later in the middle of the season, he just stopped showing up to practices or game and quit because he was not happy about how he was being treated. One of my roommates was a baseball player on the team and many of my friends were a part of the team that witnessed all of this. These baseball players told me he was “spoiled and selfish” before he ever came to the football team. After quitting baseball he came out for football and his selfish attitude was very evident, as was his laziness. During off-season workouts he often would be caught skipping lifts in the weight room or finding ways to cut corners/get out of conditioning exercises.[..]

Harrell continues:

Adam was a kid that seemed like he had been given everything he wanted his whole life and acted like if things did not go exactly how he wanted someone was treating him unfairly or someone needed to be blamed for his failures. He was a selfish player on and off the field that was counter-productive for our team and would be for any other team.

You can read the rest on Dennis Dodd’s page at CBS Sports, via the Game On blog. But really, this has to end one way or another. It’s like Adam James wanted to make a rape allegation and then forgot that he wasn’t a girl. Three months from now, he’ll probably tell ESPN that he’s pregnant.

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