The Maria Menounos Super Bowl Bikini Bet: A Retrospective

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02.07.12 9 Comments

What you need to know, from the New York Daily News:

The 33-year-old “Extra” correspondent found herself on the losing end of a bet against her colleague A.J. Calloway Sunday after her beloved New England Patriots fell short of the Super Bowl championship.
According to the terms of the bet, Menounos had to host the show in a red, white and blue bikini – and luckily for her, a pair of warm, furry black Uggs.
If Calloway had lost, he would have had to don a Patriots cheerleader outfit.

(If Mario Lopez had lost, he would’ve had to have kissed Calloway on the mouth, which he would’ve hated.)
What you’re looking for: Pictures and video of this, because Maria Menounos is awesome to look at. Well, look no further! Thanks to With Leather you won’t have to take two seconds to type “maria menunous bikini bet” into Google (and 30 or more trying to spell “Menounos”) — we’ve got video, high-res photos and a MIDI of Elton John’s “Candle In The Wind” playing in the background throughout.
(note: MIDI pending)

[images via Getty and @mariamenounos]

Try not to spend the entire video going COME ON TURN AROUND.

Maria in one of those “heh, look at what I’M about to do” naked-in-a-robe Kate Upton twitpics.


These next few pics are mostly the same, but I think you’ll enjoy them, either from the “haw haw the Patriots lost” or “holy sh*t look at her torso” perspectives.

(hover hand)

The woman in the red peacoat is a great counterpoint in this illustration of how men and women view Maria Menounos in a bikini.

Maria in happier times, repping the New York Football Yankees.

Why can’t Gisele have sex with THAT Tom Brady?

Maria interviewing Katy Perry, who is exactly the kind of person who’d think that Justin Bieber both teams half-and-half bullsh*t is a great idea.

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