Not The Lockout NHL News: The Phoenix Coyotes Are Changing Names

This is probably the least important story of all time, but it’s about the NHL and has nothing to do with the goddamn lockout, so I’m writing about it: the Phoenix Coyotes are considering a name change.

That would be pretty big news if they were relocating, or even if they were losing the alternating clip-art/art deco coyote logos and calling themselves something late 2000s like the PHOENIX CLASHEZ or whatever, but nope, they’re dropping the Phoenix to become the “Arizona Coyotes”. Because seriously, they’ve been playing in Glendale for like a decade.


Mike Nealy, the president and COO of the team, told XTRA Sports 910 yesterday that there’s a “high probability” the name-change will happen, maybe even next year.

Speaking to how they’re going to keep the excitement for the team going — since there’s a lockout going on, and all — Nealy said the phrase “we’re here to stay” will be among the “messages” the organization’s going to use in media spots. (via Phoenix New Times)

… because “we’re here to make sure you’ve got your papers” doesn’t fit on a t-shirt.

So, now that we’ve planned for the Coyotes to be named more accurately and gotten them to sign a series of banners masquerading as documents reading, “WE’RE NOT LEAVING WE SWEAR,” can we get f**king hockey back? For real, this is starting to get stupid. If the lockout goes on much longer, I’m going to have to start watching the Arizona Suns.