The Most Important Sports News Ever

Gracie is an English bulldog and she surfs. That’s pretty much all I need to say, but she also gives lessons and pees on people, so she might be the coolest English bulldog since my recently departed sweet prince, Bruno R. Burns. So while everyone continues to act like the Super Bowl is some big deal or ignore the Miami Heat giving up a 21-point lead in a matter of minutes against the Orlando Magic last night, the real news today is that Gracie went surfing.

And if you’re going to be one of these “That’s not sports” trolls, then I’ve even added an extra video after the jump of a dog preparing for the Great Outdoor Games. Did I say dog? I meant pig. Yes, it’s an awesome day to be alive, friends.

Videos after the jump…

Gracie the Surfing English Bulldog

Louie the Pig