12.08.06 11 years ago 5 Comments

Recapping NBA games isn't exactly my steez, but I'd probably get fired if I didn't point out that the Suns beat the Nets 161-157 in double overtime last night. Yes, that's the score of a basketball game, not a wing-eating contest.

This is one of those games where the statistics can boggle your mind: Jason Kidd had a 38-14-14 triple double; Steve Nash had 13 assists and 42 points, including the tying three-pointer at the end of regulation; the Suns tallied 43 assists as a team and made 17 three-pointers; the teams combined for 84 points in the fourth quarter alone; and, most notably, Vince Carter had nine assists. Wow. It must be a contract year for VC.

161-157. It was like the All-Star game, but with less defense. And fewer trashy sluts.

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