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When the parks division of San Francisco instituted a fee for reserving badminton courts, but not for any of its other facilities, 86-year-old Ed Leong caused a racket. Leong filed a petition with the mayor and led a barrage of emails, phone calls and rallies aimed at the city’s parks office, citing that the new fee–$4 for every 45 minutes of court time–unfairly singled out Asian-Americans. THEY NO LOVE YOU LEONG TIME!

Unhappy that only badminton players were being targeted by the San Francisco fees, Mr. Leong and several other players quickly circulated their petition. In mid-January, he and a dozen other badminton enthusiasts camped outside City Hall for several hours to chant their objections to the fee before presenting the petition to the mayor’s office. “I understand the city is short of funds, but just to have the badminton group foot the bill is unfair,” says Mr. Leong.

The city later reduced the fee to $1 and imposed it for use of all facilities. And yet the gays pay nothing. I believe that Harvey Milk would have demanded everyone pay an equal fee. And then he probably would waddle into his office and get his ass pounded raw. Now, I’m no student of history, but that sounds like progress to me.


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