The Rock Is All About Deals And Dollars In The First Trailer For HBO’s ‘Ballers’

Senior Writer
04.10.15 7 Comments

We saw what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson looks like in a Miami Dolphins uniform in a quickly-deleted image on his Instagram page, but now we know what he’d look like crushing his opponents on a logo-less NFL field. The Rock just Tweeted the very first trailer for his new HBO series Ballers, in which he plays a former football star turned money man for current stars. Obviously, with a title like Ballers, this is all about that wealthy lifestyle that athletes love to flaunt, but it’s also about the three most important things in life: Football, family and God.

We can also expect to see topical plots involving the health and head issues that athletes face on the field and how that affects them off the field, as well as very attractive women in bikinis and a lot of men with their shirts off. Basically, I’m picturing Entourage for PFT Commenter. Ballers will debut on June 21 with The Brink and True Detective.

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