The San Francisco Zoo Named A Baby Monkey After Sergio Romo

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11.01.12 10 Comments

In recent years, lucky animals have played a huge part in Major League Baseball teams’ World Series runs, from the Anaheim Angels of Anaheim Los Angeles Angels’ Rally Monkey to the St. Louis Cardinals’ classier and more intelligent Rally Squirrel. This year, the World Champion San Francisco Giants had a much less heralded but equally important furry good luck charm in a rare orange langur monkey that was born at the San Francisco Zoo during the Giants’ playoff run.

Dubbed the “Lucky Langur” after its birth and the team’s subsequent wins, the zoo’s monkey people (you’d think they’d have an official title) decided that it was finally time to name this adorable little living pumpkin.

It’s official: That adorable newborn monkey whose birth coincided with the Giants World Series winning streak has been named, and we think you will be pleased.

San Francisco, meet Romo. (Via San Francisco Weekly)

I’m told that right after they chose Romo, the monkey threw its poop and it was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. OHHHHH, they meant Sergio Romo, the beloved Giants closer, whose strange beard and quirky behavior filled in perfectly for the injured Brian Wilson, whose strange beard and quirky behavior had its own strong presence in the Giants’ dugout.

Alas, there’s one little problem with this monkey’s new name – this Romo is a girl. Again, the Tony Romo jokes write themselves.

So what if monkey Romo is a girl? The San Francisco Zoo felt her “playful personality” was a good fit. Plus, it’s what the fans wanted, says Abbie Tuller, communications director with the SF Zoo. “It was an overwhelming favorite.”

The Weekly also claims that Romo was the favorite name over Posey and Scutaro, and I have to agree with that. Romo works well as a unisex name, even though it is better as a boy’s name, like Ashley. However, if this monkey was a boy, I would have lobbied for Pablo. But then, if it were a boy, it probably would be in jail right now for destroying a transit bus. What do you think about that, Sergio?

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