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I saved this video specifically for a day when I was watching the tourney and didn't feel like working.  You may or may not have seen this awesome steeplechase tumble before, but what you probably haven't seen is the victim's article about being the guy who face plants so awesomely.

My feet began to feel like cinder blocks and the upcoming impediment looked as if was six-feet tall. With a teammate nipping at my heels, I sped up for the water jump.

The barriers were about as old as the track and once my spikes dug into the wood, it splintered. I didn’t have the necessary force to propel myself over the obstacle and went plunging into the water.

My teammate, who didn’t want to land on top of me, slowed up, but it was too late for him as well. He fell in the deep end, literally, submerging himself in the three-foot pit.

Booooorrrrrrrrrrrring!!!  Shut up and play the video again already.  (watches it)  Ha ha, he fell right on his stupid face! 

[Crashburn Alley

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