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That whiny little milquetoast Scott McCarron got his way. After having an allowance created for its specially-grooved wedges for use in PGA Tour play, golf manufacturer Ping is relenting.

John Solheim, the chairman and CEO of Ping, said the Phoenix-based company is waiving its right that had kept the PGA Tour from banning Ping Eye2 wedges made before April 1, 1990 that have deeper, wide grooves no longer allowed under new USGA regulations.

Those wedges were allowed through a 1990 settlement from when Ping sued the PGA Tour and U.S. Golf Association. Phil Mickelson, Hunter Mahan, John Daly and Fred Couples were among players who used the Ping wedges. It had become such a divisive issue that Scott McCarron accused Mickelson of “cheating” by using the club. –Y! Sports.

The men that play on the PGA Tour are the biggest bitches in sports. Ooh, we don’t want to play with Tiger. Ooh, we don’t want to play with Annika. Wah, this caviar is room temperature. Honestly, you could give one of those pricks a million dollars and all they would do is complain about the taxes. Don’t take this the wrong way, Scott McCarron, but I hope you die in a fire while falling off a cliff holding a live hand grenade. It’s nothing personal, aside from the fact that I personally hate you. Other than that, we’re totally cool.

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