The Weird Kid At Derek Carr’s House Won The 2014 NFL Draft

Fresno State QB Derek Carr didn’t get taken in yesterday’s first round of 2014 NFL Draft — if they’re smart, Oakland will pick him up four picks into round two — but I’m pretty sure a random kid at his house won the draft in its entirety.

ESPN jumped to Carr’s place to discuss his 3-straight 3,000+ pass yard seasons and this kid just goes for it, rave dancing and repeatedly hitting herself in the face. By the time they’re done she’s just jamming her fingers into her nose as hard as she can. It’s one of those moments of childhood where you’re like “yeah, this is cool!” and everyone else in the room thinks you’ve got to go to the hospital.

Disclaimer: Every time I post a video of a kid doing something goofy, at least one dude drops down into the comments with a “MAKING FUN OF A LITTLE GIRL, HOW DARE YOU, A NEW LOW.” So just to make things clear, kids are weird, and that’s fun. I don’t think we should abandon her in the desert or anything. Or Oakland.

h/t Reddit