This Is Why Mark Cuban Needed To Win

When Mark Cuban purchased the Dallas Mavericks from Ross Perot Jr. in 2000, he allowed Perot to maintain a 5% ownership stake in the team. Cuban admits to this day that having to deal with Perot as a partner in any capacity is the worst thing that he’s ever had to deal with in business. That’s probably because Perot filed a lawsuit against Cuban last year, claiming that he had mismanaged the team to approximately $200 million in debt and to the brink of insolvency.

Cuban, of course, called that claim absurd last year and he responded to the allegations by accusing Perot of trying to milk him for money because of his own mishandling of a bad real estate deal. But things are just a tiny bit different now that Cuban and the Mavericks are World Champions. Cuban’s attorneys filed a motion for summary judgment for dismissal this week and you know that Cuban did it in the most Cuban way imaginable.

The legal brief stylishly includes a photo of the Mavericks celebrating and accepting the Larry O’Brien NBA championship trophy after beating Miami.

There probably isn’t a Mavericks fan in town who didn’t get a chuckle while reading the story about Melsheimer’s motion. It all but symbolically extended the Mavericks victory parade another week.

“We had a good time doing it,” attorney Melsheimer said Thursday. “We thought it would be fun.

“But we also thought it would illustrate a serious point.”

Namely, that his client knows what he’s doing as an NBA owner. Cuban only needs now to point to the trophy case. (Star-Telegram)

I know so many NBA fans who detest Mark Cuban, but I think the guy is just wonderful. As a baseball fan above all other sports, I pray he buys the Los Angeles Dodgers. Every professional sports league should at least hire Cuban to host ownership workshops and teach some of these ass-backwards dolts how to really run a team.

In the meantime, you can check out Cuban’s motion on the next page.