This Reporter Didn’t Appreciate Minnesota Bros Interrupting His Report On Their Riot

Senior Writer
04.14.14 5 Comments

On Saturday night, Union College’s hockey team won its first ever NCAA hockey championship by defeating the Minnesota Golden Gophers 7-4 in Philadelphia. Perhaps because they had just finished watching one of the most riot-inducing NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournaments in history, Minnesota fans decided that it was time to take to the streets and punish their own beautiful town, because why should we have nice things when sports losses ruin everything?

KMSP’s Jonathan Choe was just trying to do his job and report on the police responding to so-called riot conditions, when a couple of Gopher bros (Brophers?) decided to start messing with him. Even after Choe and his crew tried to get things together, the fans kept flocking to him like moths to a light. Poor fella, there’s no good way to deal with idiot college sports fans.

According to Fox Sports, 19 arrests were made on Saturday night, and this was actually the second time that Minnesota fans had taken to the streets for their hockey team, as they also acted like morons after the Gophers defeated North Dakota. More importantly, I can’t stop laughing at Dinkytown, because I’m an adult with a child’s brain.

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