This Two-On-One MMA Bout In Russia Has A Most Unexpected Ending

10.08.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

In Russia, they aren’t bound by confining restrictions put in place by athletic commissions, so you get weird stuff like dudes coming out of the crowd to fight, or bear referees. A common promotion in Russian MMA is tornado tag team elimination rules. In this fight, Team Blond faces off against Team Black Hair, and Blond Guy in Red Shorts gets submitted by what appears to be a triangle choke about 90 seconds in. The fight is halted so that Team Black Hair can focus all of their attention on Blond Guy in Black Shorts. With two opponents and no weird obstacles like in HiP Show, to hide behind, things are looking grim for Team Blond.

Except that he just rushes out and one-hitter quitters BOTH dudes on Team Black Hair in about five seconds.

Other than your appalling human rights issues, censorship problems, and a whole slew of other terrible things, never change, Russia.

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