This Seems Like A Strange Endorsement Deal For Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Senior Writer
05.15.13 3 Comments

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. recently defeated Robert Guerrero to retain the WBC Welterweight title, win the vacant The Ring Welterweight title, improve to 44-0 all-time, and possibly also shut Ruben Guerrero’s mouth once and for all. But more than anything, the victory helped keep Mayweather’s nickname, “Money”, relevant because for the second consecutive year, Mayweather is projected to be the highest-paid American athlete.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Fortunate 50 list, Mayweather beat out LeBron James, Drew Brees, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods, among others, to top this year’s list, as he will make an estimated $90 million by the end of the year. What’s amazing about that total is that not a single penny of it comes from endorsements.

But seeing that list reminded me of something that a friend recently passed along to me. If Mayweather doesn’t make any money from endorsement deals, does that mean that he allowed his image to be used in this delightful porn ad for free?

Or maybe Mayweather just wants to pay people to watch porn. Someone should email him to find out.

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