03.24.09 10 years ago 11 Comments

The World Baseball Classic crowned its champion last night as Japan beat Korea, 5-3, in 10 innings. And it was a damn good game, featuring fantastic defensive play and incredible hustle from both teams. It was weird watching a game where the players actually try (I’m looking at you, Adam Dunn).

This tournament seemingly has been a huge hit everywhere across the globe–except here in the states. As the Japanese and Korean teams successfully loaded their clubs with their best players, players who were honored to go and relished the experience. The American side, conversely, endured squabbles with players more concerned about getting prepared for the long MLB season, and that’s totally fair. That’s where their bread gets buttered. But if Selig wants this thing to catch on in America, he’ll have to act similarly to the NHL and suspend the season to get his best players–in top form–in the tournament.

But omedetou to the Japanese team. And let’s add “baseball” to “electronics manufacturing” and “long division” to the list of things that the Far East does better than America. We’re not quite as perverted as the Japanese are, either, but I’m still optimistic about that.

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