This Week In Athlete Death Threats

09.15.10 8 years ago 14 Comments

CBS Football loud yeller Shannon Sharpe is taking some time off after being accused of forcing a woman to have sex with him, making death threats against her, and stalking her. Sharpe released a very brief statement to the media declaring his voluntary time off until the matter is solved. Dan Marino also announced that he’ll take time off from CBS so he can continue to argue with Sharpe.

The accusations against Sharpe come as he’s expected to be voted into the NFL Hall of Fame’s 2011 class, and this could really hurt him because everyone knows that you have to wait until you’re in the HOF before you attack women.

Why do you make me hurt you like this, Denver Post:

Atlanta’s Fulton County Superior Court has granted a temporary restraining order against Sharpe following a petition filed by Michele Bundy under the category of “family violence.”

Bundy alleged in her petition that Sharpe threatened her life and forced her into sex. A protection order hearing has been set for Monday.

Meanwhile, the Florida Gators hit a milestone with their 30th player arrest of the Urban Meyer era in Gainesville. The distinguished honor of No. 30 goes to standout junior redshirt running-back-turned-wide-receiver Chris Rainey who was arrested on aggravated stalking charges, after he texted his on-and-off girlfriend: “Time to die, bitch.” In related news, Rainey is set to star in the next five Jerry Bruckheimer films.

If you’re keeping track at home, Meyer joined the program in 2005, so that’s 5 players arrested per year. But he’s also won two National Championships, which comes out to .33 titles per year. I consulted with our crack team of With Leather number munchers and they did confirm that .33 > 5.

Time to tell me the details, All Headline News:

He was ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim, one Kelly Anderson, who was also in court with her mother and sister.

Anderson, a former girlfriend of Rainey, asked for the charges to be dropped.

According to Anderson, who have [sic] a relationship with Rainey that dates back several years, she does not fear him, but was concerned with the effect of the arrest that gained media attention.

Hmmm, I wonder what that could mean. Regardless, Meyer has shown concern for Rainey, telling the media that he’s really a good guy. And I think Meyer’s right. After all, it’s not like he stole his dead teammate’s dead girlfriend’s credit card and used it for six months. Who would recruit someone like that?

(P.S. – For extra fun, Jamar Hornsby was arrested again in 2009 after he beat the piss out of a man with brass knuckles. At the time he was a signee for Ole Miss, hooray SEC!)

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that the order has just been dismissed. CBS’ pregame is suddenly unwatchable again.

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