This Week In Chicks Who Bang Athletes

That bombshell to the right is Candice Crawford, fiancé of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and sister of Gossip Girls star Chace Crawford. I’m mentioning her because we glossed over her engagement to Romo last month and I felt bad about that. Romo, of course, had previously been romantically linked to Carrie Underwood (unfairly married to Ottawa Senators centre Mike Fisher) and Jessica Simpson, who is engaged to former NFL tight end Eric Johnson, who I once started on a fantasy squad because Antonio Gates was on a bye. But there’s not excitement among the pretty people, so that can mean only one thing…

Tabloids are reporting that Khloe Kardashian and her husband and Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom are expecting a baby. But according to the Skittles-loving Lamar, there’s no baby on the way. So someone go ahead and put the chains back on the gates of hell for a few more weeks…

But the L.A. Lakers player claims this is the first he’s heard of pregnancy talk. “I can’t confirm that,” he told ESPN. “She hasn’t told me if she was pregnant. I probably would be the first to know.” (Via the San Francisco Examiner)

Meanwhile, the “Khloe & Lamar” reality show is full steam ahead for E! now that Lakers GM Mitch Cupchak and coach Phil Jackson have given their consent for limited access to games and practice. But the crew at Gather is wondering if Lamar will be able to handle the pressure of having a reality show:

But what will happen when cameras have access to everything? Will the couple go the way of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey or the dreaded Gosselins?

Only time will tell if Lamar will be able to handle all of those cameras in his off-court time with his publicity-seeking bride. (Via Gather)

Well the difference between Lamar and Nick Lachey or Jon Gosselin is that Lamar actually has an important job. God forbid Gosselin’s fame-whoring gets in the way of his designer line of Ed Hardy baby bibs or white sunglasses for pets. And aside from playing Eiffel Tower with Matt Leinart and Arizona State coeds, what the hell has Lachey done lately? Seriously, what has he done? Because I would like to spend my days boning sorority girls, too.