This Week In Women Hit By Foul Balls

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08.16.10 13 Comments

While the world awaits the inevitable Tosh.0 Web Redemption for the Houston Astros fan who valiantly moved out of the way of a foul ball that hit his girlfriend in the arm, Hanley Ramirez has picked up the assault on female fans and almost had a kill shot. Seriously.

In last Thursday night’s 5-0 victory over the Washington Nationals, the Florida Marlins shortstop belted a line drive into the stands, and the ball would have struck a female fan in the face, had she not been enjoying an ice cold Miller Lite. Instead, she was merely on the receiving end of an impromptu beer shower.

Video and a ballpark party foul after the jump.

First off, note the response of the two kind strangers sitting next to the fan, as they immediately turned to her to check on her well-being. It’s safe to say that their lack of sideways hats allowed them to respond quickly and perhaps avoid more drastic results had her frosty pilsner not been protecting her face. It’s good to see that we’re making progressive strides in repairing the relationship between males and females in the houses of America’s pastime.

Meanwhile, as Ramirez has taken his share of criticism for his less-than-expected numbers this season, his sniper-like accuracy is quite impressive. After all, hitting a fan in Nationals Park is no easy feat.

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