Thomas Middleditch Pretended To Be A Fake Canadian Hockey Broadcaster During A Kings Game

01.08.19 6 months ago


You probably know Thomas Middleditch as the nebbish tech company guy from Silicon Valley, or maybe as the somewhat less nebbish guy from those Verizon commercials that pop up during every single sporting event that’s ever aired on television. But did you know that Middleditch also has a secret life as a hockey broadcaster? And a Canadian one at that?

Enter Tony Babcock, a hockey broadcaster who made his long-awaited American television debut last weekend with the Fox Sports broadcast of Los Angeles Kings hockey. Fittingly the Kings hosted the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday, giving Babcock a chance to use some local flair to call a pro hockey game..

Babcock, of course, is actually Middleditch in what amounts to a retro outfit and Canadian accent. But the broadcast tried to play it straight and was introduced as a “legendary” hockey broadcaster with a paper-thin minor league broadcasting career. He joined Jim Fox and Alex Faust during the start of the second period and, well, they were unconvined of his resume.

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