05.13.09 9 years ago 6 Comments

Apparently one of O.J. Mayo’s handlers was paid by USC coach Tim Floyd to….I guess direct Mayo to go to USC. And before we get to the blockquote of this “story,” let me pull my socks up:

In a story posted Tuesday night at Yahoo! Sports, Louis Johnson, the former associate of Mayo’s, said Rodney Guillory told Johnson that Floyd had given Guillory “a grand.” Johnson said he was able to view $100 bills inside an envelope Guillory had.

Look, Louis Johnson is an ass and, apparently, an ass with enough X-ray vision to look into envelopes. Reggie Bush got boatloads more money and he wasn’t a fraction of the sure thing in the pros that Mayo was. The only thing one of those guys would have done for a grand would have been in a motel room with a couple of Asian girls. I’m pretty sure this was the entire plot of the hit 2008 film, Never Back Down.

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