03.03.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

“Leadership” is the new “poise.” As much as the media used the latter to describe Jets rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez, expect heaping servings of the former to be ladled upon Tim Tebow. Tebow is that once-in-a-generation college quarterback who seems to be able to impress the NFL’s evaluators with everything he does, with the glaring exception of throwing a football. And now the rumblings of Tebow carving out his pro football future someplace, anyplace, but under center are starting to grow more nuanced.

Whether he can effectively overhaul his pitcher-like, long delivery remains a big question that has left the vast majority of evaluators skeptical, but he left no questions about his intelligence, determination or intangibles, carrying himself like a pro’s pro. And some evaluators were quietly enthused about his potential as an H-back after leaping 38 1/2 inches, clocking in the low 4.7s in the 40-yard dash and producing a blistering 6.66-second 3-cone time. –Nolan Nawrocki, PFW/Yahoo! Sports.

Scouts like Tebow’s cones…times. Tebow really is that butterfaced girl at the party that’s just slammin’ in every way except from the neck up, except in that one vital area where failure just isn’t an option. Of course, if you regularly use “slammin'” to describe the fairer sex, you’re probably shouldn’t be too picky.

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