Tim Tebow Visits A High School Teammate Who Was Wounded In The Orlando Attack

Good for Tim Tebow. What he did for an old high school friend earlier this week should make him – and his fans – prouder than anything he ever accomplished on a football field.

The former Florida Gators star, who had a brief dalliance with NFL success in the final pre-Peyton Manning season in Denver, made his way to the Orlando Regional Medical Center Tuesday to visit with Rodney Sumter, the aforementioned high school bud who happened to be bartending at Pulse nightclub when last weekend’s horrific mass shooting occurred.

Sumter was shot three times and suffered two broken arms in the attack. He was rushed to the hospital when seen bleeding outside the club by a medical student, who attended to him until he made it to the emergency room, per NBC News.

A spokesman for Tebow, who made his visit in the company of Florida Gov. Rick Scott, told TMZ, “Timmy has a lot of relationships in Orlando. Family. Friends. He wants to do what he can.” Other big-name athletes with ties to the area made their way for a visit as well, including Shaquille O’Neal, Johnny Damon, and Brazilian soccer star Kaka, now the captain of Orlando’s MLS team.

(via Orlando Sentinel)