Tito Ortiz Shut Down Chuck Liddell’s Old Man Fight Callout With A Nasty Burn

This is one of those difficult moments as an MMA fan when you want to see two legends fight for the third time, but you know they probably shouldn’t. Well, maybe Chuck Liddell shouldn’t. Tito Ortiz looked just fine ending his MMA career with Bellator by tapping Chael Sonnen quickly, so this could be a long night for Chuck, who has been training more and more lately, seemingly itching for a fight. Especially one he was supposed to get in 2010 before Tito dropped out with an injury.

But, any hopes for another Legends Division fight were dashed when Tito responded to Chuck’s Instagram post with this searing burn:

Some have connected the UFC’s unceremonious firing of Chuck Liddell as the UFC’s Vice President of Business Developmen and his uptick in training as a sign that he needs some cash and is looking to make money the best way he knows how — fighting. There’s only one reason for a picture like this, right? But maybe it will take Chuck’s old friend Tito from stepping back in the cage. Chuck ended his career with three straight brutal knockouts, so he shouldn’t play with his brain.

Still, kind of like Vitor Belfort and Nate Marquardt at UFC 212, this fight is interesting for old-school MMA fans because it’s a relatively fair fight. Two dudes in their 40s, both in good shape, one looking to bang, live on… Spike?