08.28.07 10 years ago 26 Comments

You know, on paper, being a UFC heavyweight and dating a porn star looks like a pretty sweet deal.  But then I see this, and you know what?  It's a great time to be a skinny blogger, just masturbating the day away.  Not that I'm going to be able to manage an erection for the rest of the day.

Memo to Tito Ortiz: we already think that you're a very tough, dangerous man.  Sticking your face inside Jenna's pork receptacles is just going over the top.  Gah, this is like a scene in Aliens or The Fly

More photos over at WWTDD.  But you don't really want to see them. 

Update: As commenter Peter McSheisty points out, Ortiz is a light heavyweight.  Oh. Well, this just changes everything.  Now the picture isn't gross at all.  Thanks, assbag!

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