T.J. Oshie Explained His Wario Tattoo And Where He Learned To Chug Beer Through His Shirt

11.02.18 6 months ago


T.J. Oshie had always been close, but 2018 was the year where he finally broke through. Until then his career with the St. Louis Blues and Washington Capitals — and even the United States Olympic Team — had been full of near-misses. Great teams and great seasons always fell just a bit short.

Winning it all with Washington this spring has given Oshie a chance to reflect on his career, both on the road behind him and what’s ahead as he raises a family in Washington and celebrates finally lifting Lord Stanley’s Cup in the nation’s capitol. For him, the celebrating is over, though, and a repeat bid is underway for the Caps.

Oshie did get to take some time away in the opening weeks of the season to talk with Uproxx Sports on behalf of M&Ms about the road to the Cup, which contained a surprising amout of Mario Kart. He also spoke about his connection to Warroad, Minn., his Native American heritage, and just where he learned to chug a beer through his shirt.

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