T.J. Oshie Explained His Wario Tattoo And Where He Learned To Chug Beer Through His Shirt

11.02.18 10 months ago


T.J. Oshie had always been close, but 2018 was the year where he finally broke through. Until then his career with the St. Louis Blues and Washington Capitals — and even the United States Olympic Team — had been full of near-misses. Great teams and great seasons always fell just a bit short.

Winning it all with Washington this spring has given Oshie a chance to reflect on his career, both on the road behind him and what’s ahead as he raises a family in Washington and celebrates finally lifting Lord Stanley’s Cup in the nation’s capitol. For him, the celebrating is over, though, and a repeat bid is underway for the Caps.

Oshie did get to take some time away in the opening weeks of the season to talk with Uproxx Sports on behalf of M&Ms about the road to the Cup, which contained a surprising amout of Mario Kart. He also spoke about his connection to Warroad, Minn., his Native American heritage, and just where he learned to chug a beer through his shirt.

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