Today In Classy MMA News: Somebody Paid $300 For Bec Hyatt’s Used Underwear

Invicta Fighting Championships strawweight fighter Bec Hyatt has taken advantage of what we in the business call “holy shit, Internet guys” and earned a cool AU $340 by putting the underwear she wore during her Invicta 6 weigh-in on eBay. That comes out to about $318 U.S., if you need it put into perspective. Don’t worry though, dude got his money’s worth — it also comes with a small t-shirt.

Here are the underpants in action:

And here’s the damage from the auction itself, just after it finished:

A couple of points of clarification:

1. I certainly don’t fault Bec Hyatt for doing this, and I totally understand. She’s not exactly pulling in Ronda Rousey money (or Ronda Rousey Insureon endorsement money), so turning over your gear — or in this case, the clothes you wore before you even put ON your gear — is an easy way to pop a couple hundred bucks from a collector. Sorry, autocorrect got me there. An easy way to pop a couple hundred bucks from a creep. You do what you’ve gotta do.

2. Are there any ladies out there who’d drop $318 to own a pair of Jon Jones’ underoos? Could Chael Sonnen earn a few thousand extra bucks a year if he sold jock straps on eBay? I kinda want to live in a world where Brock Lesnar misses a mortgage payment and has to fall back on his cheesecake underwear savings.

3. I personally think Bec Hyatt is foxy, and would absolutely by her kangaroo shirt to support her. You know, assuming she didn’t cram it between her butt cheeks first.

[h/t to ME]