Today's Nightmare Fuel: Rapping Jerry Jones

“Rapping Jerry Jones” in all caps was almost this entire post.

In the world of sports on the Internet, Jimmy Traina giveth, and Jimmy Traina taketh away. Sometimes he’ll tweet, “hey, I stumbled into Kate Upton’s dressing room and took 30,000 pictures, check this out” and links them because he’s him and she’ll be flattered or whatever. Then sometimes he tweets, “here’s Jerry Jones rapping”, and the exact opposite of that Kate dressing room dream happens.

But yeah, here’s Jerry Jones rapping. Apparently somebody at Papa John’s decided the way to get me to order their garbage pizza was to have a sexagenarian in the Buffalo Stance. It’s worth watching just to say you’ve seen it (and I’m shocked I haven’t seen it on TV down here yet), but it’s also worth watching for that two second clip of Jones remix jumping or whatever like he’s in a f**king 90s toy commercial.

Check it out below.

I spent the whole clip trying to figure out whether he was a North Side or South Side Guy.