The Tom Brady Courtroom Sketch Artist Has Been Flooded With Hateful Emails

Deflategate has lasted six months longer than anything involving deflated footballs should. At this point, the NFL just looks awful for allowing the issue to linger into the actual football months.

However, one beautiful thing that arose from the despair of Deflategate is a courtroom sketch of Tom Brady that was released Wednesday. The internet had a field day turning it into one of the greatest NFL memes of all-time. But the internet, as it’s wont to do, took things a step too far. Jane Rosenberg, the sketch artist who drew Brady, is receiving hateful messages from Patriots fans.

She explained on The Dan Patrick Show in the clip above: 

“I don’t do social media. I don’t do Twitter or Facebook, so there must be millions more. People found me on my personal email and started writing nasty comments. It’s shocking to me that people have wastes of time to do this. Why bother? What’s the point to write these things?

But I did get lots of support from people and I thought that was really nice.”

Rosenberg created a very important work of art. She should be celebrated for her efforts, not ridiculed. A courtroom sketch artist doesn’t create a sketch thinking it will be become a famous internet meme. Rosenberg was simply doing her job; she has nothing to apologize for.

And while Brady may look like a character from the movie Antz in this sketch, that solemn expression on his face is something we can all empathize with.

(Via The Dan Patrick Show)