Is This Photo Proof That Tom Brady Is A Donald Trump Supporter?

New England Patriots Victory Parade
Getty Image / Billie Weiss

We already know that Donald Trump is a winner and a supporter of people who win. That’s why he came out to congratulate Tom Brady on his victory over the NFL once his suspension was overturned. But perhaps there is more to this? Maybe there’s something on the other side of the story, something hinted at by this picture below:

Right there, in Brady’s locker, is a Make America Great Again hat. The finest quality and the same kind that is for sale on one the site for the campaign of one Donald J. Trump. Why does he have this hat? Is it a gag? Did Trump personally give him a hat as a sign of victory, like a token that he’s still in the winner’s club?

If that’s not enough photographic proof, here’s another image showing the two friends enjoying each other’s company at a Floyd Mayweather fight:

Celebs Ringside at Floyd Mayweather vs Arturo Gatti - WBC Lightweight Title Fight - June 25, 2005
Getty Image / Donna Connor/WireImage

Look, it’d be easy to say that there is some sort of secret conspiracy here by Tom Brady, the Patriots, and Donald Trump to take over the nation and run it as they see fit. I mean that is a Patriots locker and that is a Trump hat. Need we say more?

Probably. But that’s how a rumor can start and one photo is all you need these days. All I know is that if we see Tom Brady doing campaign stops for Trump in the coming election, this crazy post is going to look a whole lot less crazy. At least up until the point where I say the team is trying to take over the nation. That’s probably still going to be far fetched.

(Via Vice Sports)