Tom Brady Holed Out From The Fairway After A Terrible Start To ‘The Match’

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning lived every amateur golfer’s nightmare/dream on Sunday afternoon when they played golf on national television with Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods in The Match II on TNT.

For Manning, while he had some loose shots, he actually won two holes for his team on the front nine while playing with Tiger as he got off to a pretty strong start. Brady, on the other hand, had a disastrous first six holes, spraying the ball all over the course, having to take multiple drops, and chunking and skulling chips from just off the green.

It was all pretty terrible until the fourth shot of the seventh hole, where Brady stepped up to the ball after being trash talked about his golf game by Charles Barkley of all people, and jarred an iron shot from the fairway for birdie to the delight of everyone.

That it came after all of those terrible shots on the first six and a half holes only made this better, as everyone was stunned that he got that kind of action on the ball and spun it into the hole. Tiger Woods almost ruined the moment, lipping out a long eagle putt to win the hole, as Brady’s hole out could only earn a halve, but a much needed one for his team that was already down three holes in the first six.