11.10.06 11 years ago 10 Comments

In celebration of the Marine Corps birthday, all posts today will have a decided military flavor.

The New York Post spotted Cardinals manager/egomaniacal toolbag Tony LaRussa getting turned away from New York night spot 21 last night because Mr. World Series champion was wearing jeans.

Huh, I guess wearing sunglasses at night doesn't automatically make you look cool. And I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that they were high-waisted acid-washed jeans, too. Somehow I doubt Tony's ever heard of Diesel.

You know who wouldn't get turned away from 21? Chesty Puller, the most decorated Marine in history. Five Navy Crosses, two Legions of Merit, a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, and a Purple Heart. Not bad for 37 years of work. Chesty could force LaRussa to hold hands with that pretty-boy Hollywood sellout Audie Murphy, and then all of us who own slacks could laugh at them from inside of 21.

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