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I'm a little bit late arriving to this story, but a while back D.C. Sports Bog pointed out that none other than Tony LaRussa is on the ballot for World's Sexiest Vegetarian, and it flew under my radar until the FanHaus picked it up.

Among the more than 200 sizzling celebs who are vying for this year's titles: country music sensation Carrie Underwood; ravishing redhead Bryce Dallas Howard; sexy starlet Alicia Silverstone; King Kong leading lady Naomi Watts;…House beauty Lisa Edelstein; Walk the Line's dashing "Johnny Cash," Joaquin Phoenix; Hollywood heartthrob Casey Affleck; …American Idol crooner Ruben Studdard; actor and 30 Seconds to Mars vocalist Jared Leto; Good Charlotte hottie Benji Madden; and dapper emcee Common.

I hope everyone's okay with the picture of Bryce Dallas Howard; I know how LaRussa sets hearts aflutter on this site. 

LaRussa's competition in the world of sports includes Carl Lewis, Raja Bell, Anthony Peeler, and Ricky Williams, but with heartthrobs like Rick Rubin, Dennis Kucinich, Kevin Nealon, Peter Dinklage, and Weird Al Yankovic all competing on the men's side, it looks like the sports hunks may all be long shots.

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