A Packers Staffer Told Tony Romo ‘You Deserve Better’ After The Cowboys Playoff Loss

01.18.17 3 years ago 8 Comments

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Though not too many people are going to pity a multi-millionaire quarterback, football fans have felt for Tony Romo through the Cowboys’ magical season. Finally equipped with all the weapons needed for a deep playoff run, Romo’s body betrayed him once again, only this time Dallas didn’t implode without him and instead found their starter of the present and the future.

All of that prompted Packers Director of Sports Medicine Pepper Burruss to tell him, “You deserve better” after the Cowboys were defeated in the a heartbreaking Divisional Round game against Green Bay.

It’s hard to say whether Romo deserves anything, considering his inability to stay on the field prompted the Cowboys to first draft, then turn to Dak Prescott as the starter. Still, it’s tough for fans of good football to see a perfectly healthy Tony Romo sit on the sideline while the Jets, Browns and Texans toss below-replacement level talent out there for lack of better options. Are the Browns and Jets “better” than the Cowboys’ bench? Debatable, but Romo still looks like he has some great football left in him, and Jerry Jones certainly agrees.

Tony’s contract situation is onerous — he’s paid like the elite starter he’s been, making it difficult for many teams to find cap space for him, or at the very least necessitating a decent return. So if the Cowboys can’t find a good trade, Romo will continue to be the most overpaid and overqualified backup in the league next season, and in a football sense, we deserve better.

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