A Tortoise Raced A Hare And Finally Settled An Age-Old Grudge Match

Quick: Who wins in a race between a tortoise and a hare?

You know the story, right? A cocky hare naps and lazes his way through a race with a slow-footed land mammal with a carapace. But the turtle ultimately upsets the hare and earns the accolades it rightly deserves.

The mismatch is a morality tale: slow and steady wins the race. And hubris is never a good idea. But what happens if the tortoise and hare actually get to race one another in a controlled area. Does the tortoise win? Or does the hare’s speed prevail?

The race itself is actually pretty great. It’s almost like Aesop’s Fables were based — at least in part — on real life. The hare gets off to a great start, jumping nearly halfway down the track right away.

But then something distracts it. The tortoise, however, simply goes about its business and cruises along in the left lane. While people are desperate for the hare to get itself situated and start winning the race it so obviously should, the hare is frozen.

The saying goes that life sometimes imitates art. But that might not be the case here. This tortoise just clearly wants it more.