The Trailer For ‘The Armstrong Lie’ Promises Some Delicious Schadenfreude

Once Lance Armstrong finally admitted that he was a lying, cheating, doping dope of a liar and a cheater, there were suddenly a lot of losers by association. For starters, all of Armstrong’s fans lost, because most of us stuck by him and hoped that he was actually the only clean athlete in arguably the filthiest sport, even though most of us will now pretend that we always hated him. Then there were the sponsors, teammates, friends and family members, all the way up to Nike, which probably suffered the most. Haha, just kidding. Nike earned billions and never looked back.

In fact, if we looked at the other side of the coin, we’d be hard pressed to find any actual winners in all of this, because even the people who helped rat Armstrong out came off as scumbags and a-holes for reminding us that we watched years of cycling for nothing. Except now there’s one clear winner, and that’s filmmaker and Oscar-winner Alex Gibney, who just so happened to be filming a documentary about Armstrong when it all went down, and now he can finally cash in with The Armstrong Lie.

Gibney’s Lie presents the “untold story” from Armstrong himself that the trailer claims will set the record straight. Hell, at this point I’d settle for someone hitting him in the face with a pie, but that’s just because I’m still trying to bring that back.