It Appears As If Ronda Rousey’s Boyfriend Has Officially Moved On From His Estranged Wife

02.21.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

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A lot of eyebrows were raised when it was revealed that UFC fighters Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne were dating. For one, heavyweight Travis Browne was still married, if estranged, to fitness model Jenna Webb. For another, Webb had recently put photos up on Instagram accusing Browne of physically abusing her during their relationship.

The UFC suspended Browne while doing an investigation into Webb’s claims, eventually reinstating the fighter when they could find no evidence to substantiate abuse. Webb responded by filing official charges that are still open. Not a great situation, but at least there’s nearly closure on the whole thing. TMZ Sports reports that Travis Browne and Jenna Webb are now officially divorced. Is this another step towards Browne and Rousey tying the knot?

Ronda got the Internet talking when one of her Saturday Night Live promos aired with the former champion wearing a big ass stone on her ring finger. UFC reps claim the fighter was just fooling around with props on set, but recent comments from Rousey on the Ellen show have people wondering.

“To be honest I looked up and I saw my man Travis was standing there,” she told Ellen. “And I looked up at him and I was like ‘I need to have his babies, I need to stay alive.’ Really that was it.”

Browne has sounded equally serious the few times he has addressed the relationship publicly, saying “She’s my woman and I’m her man. There’s no boyfriend, girlfriend stuff. There’s no dating. We’re together.”

Together forever? Rumors continue to swirl that the two are deeply commited to each other and marriage could be in their future. But for now, all of that is just as speculative as the timeline for Ronda returning to the cage.

(via TMZ Sports)

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