Indians Pitcher Trevor Bauer Helped A Fan On Twitter Do Her Math Homework

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Cleveland pitcher Trevor Bauer has more than 74,000 followers on Twitter, but he took some time out to help one with some math homework.

Twitter user Maddie Martin was having an ordinary conversation about drones with her favorite professional baseball player when she remembered some trouble she’d been having in math class.

This came just after the two were discussing battery life in Bauer’s drones, which famously mangled his finger enough that he was pulled from Game 3 of the World Series. Despite the conversational whiplash, Bauer was curious about the question.

Within minutes, Maddie had her answer. But there was still a bit of confusion.

Just a casual online interaction in the year 2016, a professional baseball player and a teenage fan chatting about graphing solutions.

This is the best part: Maddie was in a car this entire time and is almost home. We are watching her get closer to grasping this concept in real time. Is this how it feels to be a teacher? Is this what it’s like to watch a student learn and grow?

Now that she’s home and Bauer can see the exact question she’s working on, it’s time to bring it all together.


Once fans saw he was answering math questions, Bauer started to get more.

Ever the modest teacher, the Tribe pitcher says he’s not the most mathematical major leaguer out there.

For Cubs fans, of course, the only math that matters is that Cleveland blew a 3-1 lead in the World Series.