Cleveland Pitcher Trevor Bauer Chucked The Ball Over The Center Field Fence After Giving Up Eight Runs

Fox Sports Kansas City

Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer had a rough day at the office on Sunday afternoon as he got shelled by the Royals to the tune of giving up eight runs (seven earned) in 4.1 innings of work.

It was the latest frustration for Bauer, who is rumored to be on the trade block as he’s not been able to replicate his stellar success from a year ago when he made his first All-Star team. Unsurprisingly, when you’ve given up eight runs in under five innings you’re likely to get pulled, but Bauer decided to throw a bit of a tantrum on the mound as Terry Francona came to pull him.

Bauer, upset with his poor performance on the mound, turned and hucked the ball from the back of the mount over the center field fence, some 330-ish feet away, in what was at once a wildly impressive physical feat and also a hilariously childish maneuver. Francona was, let’s just say, not pleased with the antics.

The best part of the video is Bauer’s teammate who briefly feared for his life as Trevor whirled around to chuck the baseball, thinking there was a possibility that ball was going to come his way. Instead, it flew over the center field fence and into the fountains beyond it as Bauer exited the field in emphatic fashion.