Trevor Lawrence Went For Five Touchdowns And Nearly 400 Yards In A Half Against Georgia Tech

It is unclear exactly what requiring Trevor Lawrence to remain in college when he’s been ready for the NFL for a few years accomplishes, but unfortunately for the Georgia Tech defense, Lawrence is still at the helm of the No. 1 ranked Clemson Tigers. On Saturday afternoon, Clemson played host to the Yellow Jackets, and by halftime, Lawrence made sure the result of the game was not in doubt.

Lawrence only played the first half and one possession of the second, but managed to put up an entire game’s worth of damage. He threw for 404 yards in the time he spent on the field, with 394 of them coming in the first and second quarters. There were also five touchdowns and a pick sprinkled across this, giving Clemson a 52-7 lead by the time the two squads entered the locker room.

After the first Clemson drive ended with a fumble, the team got the ball back on Tech’s side of the 50. Five plays later, Lawrence found Cornell Powell to get the scoring underway. The Bees tied things up on their next drive, only for Lawrence to connect with Amani Rodgers for an 83-yard score on their first play after getting the ball back.

Clemson’s next two drives ended with a field goal and his one pick, and apparently, Lawrence got bored by the whole “no touchdowns” thing. As such, he connected with Davis Allen for score No. 3; led a nine-play, 80 yard drive for a rushing score; and then found Frank Ladson Jr. for his fourth.

The Tigers didn’t need him to throw for a score the next time they got the ball — Travis Etienne took care of business on the ground — but on their next possession, Lawrence Lou Bega’d it by finding Rodgers again for score No. 5.

Again, Lawrence could probably play in the NFL right now if the opportunity was presented to him and would look pretty good doing it. Instead, he’s taking care of business in the ACC, much to the chagrin of the conference’s defenses. Clemson would go on to win, 73-7.