Tua Tagovailoa Joins Darius Rucker On Stage In Las Vegas for ‘Wagon Wheel’ As Daniel Jones Cheers Him On

Tua Tagovailoa and Darius Rucker became the musical pairing we never knew we needed on Friday night as the Dolphins’ quarterback joined Rucker on stage at the Madden Bowl 99 Club after party to play guitar and sing Rucker’s hit “Wagon Wheel”.

Giants’ quarterback Daniel Jones cheered Tagovailoa and Rucker on excitedly as he sang (or lip-synced) along from the Las Vegas crowd.

For Rucker, a longtime Miami Dolphins fan, to bring Tagovailoa on stage was not a surprise. Tagovailoa seemed to know what he was doing on the guitar and sounded just fine imploring the crowd to “rock me mama like the wind and the rain” along with Rucker.

Perhaps the only surprise was that he didn’t bring Tagovailoa up for a rendition of his hit with Hootie and the Blowfish, “I Only Want To Be With You” since its lyrics directly reference the Dolphins. Although maybe Rucker didn’t want the Dolphins’ star quarterback to have to sing about the Dolphins making him cry.

This isn’t Jones’ first time singing “Wagon Wheel”, either, even if it was just from the crowd this time.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love “Wagon Wheel” and those who hate it. Jones and Tagovailoa are clearly in the former camp, and Jones had the right idea in attempting Rucker’s sing-a-long hit before he attempted T-Pain.