The Tuxedo Winnie The Pooh Meme Is Perfect For Baseball

Memes. We love ’em, don’t we folks?

The current meme of the moment is anything involving “Old Town Road,” the Lil Nas X hit that got some extra juice from a Billy Ray Cyrus-infused remix on Friday. That banjo-aided banger took the sports world by storm and even got Stephen A. Smith in on the act. But there are other memes out there, too, like fancier memes that are perfect for describing some of the odder things about baseball.

Enter Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh, a side-by-side meme that according to Know Your Meme is colloquially is known as A Fellow Man of Culture, as well. The four-image meme takes one concept and puts it next to an image of Pooh in an armchair, followed by a fancier concept next to a Photoshopped image of the Hundred Acre Woods’ most love-able bear in a tuxedo, looking quite pleased with himself.

The meme generated some serious interest online over the last week, and on Friday, the Major League Baseball account @Cut4 sent out a meme about walks that was very clever.

That sparked a number of replies from also extrapolating the theme: there’s a lot of baseball terminology that’s stuck in the century that the sport was invented.

No one actually calls it a four-run homer, but this certainly does give credence to the majesty of the term “grand slam.”

This one is just a good lesson in sports broadcasting, really.

Same here.

Love some good scorekeeping memes.

And advanced stats memes!

This reminds me of the time a roommate called ice “crunchy water.”

The smile on Pooh really brings this one out, I think.

But there’s always one more level a meme can go.

I, for one, am happy to associate Fancy Pooh with good baseball humor. It’s just the kind of wholesome meme we need in this day and age.