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Steelers safety Tyrone Carter has had the dubious assignment of filling in for Troy Polamalu, who partially tore his MCL in Week One. On Sunday against the Bears, Carter showed that he was capable of doing so when he absolutely leveled Bears tight end Greg Olsen on the sideline. His reward for stepping up and making a big play? A $5,000 fine from the NFL.

Carter leveled Olsen following a catch along the sidelines and jarred the ball loose. He did not get penalized on the play that left Carter with a thigh contusion but the NFL fined him for a hit to the head.

“Unreal,” said Carter, who plans to appeal the fine. “I watched the play over and over and I hit him in the shoulder. The NFL sees something different.” via, via.

The hit was awesome. And, as best as I can assertain, completely legal. It won’t be long before the NFL resorts to two-hand touch and slapfights in the trenches. Damn, that’s a great hit. I think he made Olsen bark like a dog there. Listen closely and you can hear him. “Arf, arf!”

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