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I just thought it was curious that SportsCenter decided to include Dan Henderson’s knockout of Michael Bisping in its Top Plays this morning. Viewers saw ESPN play the image of The Elbow at normal speed, then the knockout punch in slow-mo, and then The Elbow again in slow motion. Obviously, it was better quality than what we have above (for now), but you get the idea. And Hannah Storm’s remarks, while not as typically abrasive as other anchors’ toward non-traditional sports with whom they have no broadcast agreement, were somewhat terse.

“It was a little bloody and it was early in the morning and that’s all I’m saying.”

Maybe I’m reading into the top plays too much, but I found its inclusion to be curious (but fair) reporting. I can’t remember SportsCenter ever showing a UFC highlight in the past, and good luck to you if you’re looking for any semblance of a UFC 100 recap to appear on the front page of ESPN.com (It was on the daily poll) And I haven’t seen any mention of Lesnar’s win in the event on today’s show, either (UPDATE: They’re running a segment on it right now, including an appearance from Dana White on First Take).

Is ESPN using this clip out of context to fuel the “I Told You So” naysayers that think of mixed martial arts as lawless bloodsport and nothing else? Or am I just overly critical of the monolith for my own reaction to the clip? Had it not been for Lesnar’s post-fight rant, wouldn’t this be the centerpiece of everyone’s water cooler discussion of MMA? How many consecutive questions can I ask without answering any of them? What, you mean now I have to count them now?

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