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So, you guys ever gonna do a News Radio reunion show?

The sport of mixed martial arts saw its own iteration of “Age in the Cage” at UFC 102 on Saturday when 33-year-old Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira took on 46-year-old legend Randy Couture in Portland Saturday. Couture was overpowered by the enormous Brazilian in the three-round bout, but went the distance as Nogueira pulled out a unanimous decision. I pulled out yesterday also, but that’s a story for another time, kids. Hey, who wants ice cream?

Of the 11 fights on the card, three fights were settled in 1:35 or less, including Todd Duffee’s seven-second bashing of Tim Hague, who caught a left hand with the wrong part of his face [video]. But even that fight couldn’t win the $60,000 Knockout of the Night bonus, which went to Evan Danny Bosephus Nate Marquardt, who stopped Demian Maia in 21 seconds. That’s like three times as long! Lazy. Full results. Payouts.

Despite losing, Couture already has re-upped with UFC in a deal will see the former Oklahoma State wrestler finish his career with the promotion with whom he walked out on less than two years ago. Couture actually sent a letter to Dana White in October 2007 resigning as heavyweight champion after “swimming against the current with the management of the UFC.” He probably just wanted an office with a window. It’s those little things that make the workday more bearable.

Duffee’s seven-second knockout of Hague.


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