A UFC Fighter Nicknamed ‘Baby’ Fought In Shorts That Somehow Looked Like A Diaper

Entertainment Editor


Junior Albini is nicknamed ‘Baby’ because he looks like a big, overgrown, scary man-babe who has six knockouts and six submissions to his name. His tree trunk legs and healthy amount of body fat adds to his nickname, but after his loss to Andre Arlovski at UFC: Norfolk, he’ll never escape the “baby” moniker. Dude’s shorts rode up and it looked like Baby was in a diaper.

In a sport full of personalities and multiple instances of poo-stained mats (like this one or this one or even this legendary instance), who would know that we’d get a battle with a former UFC champ, known for his striking good looks and sculpted physique, punching a fully-grown baby for 15 minutes? This is the magic of MMA. Sometimes you get a fight completely derailed by a leisure tracksuit-wearing Conor McGregor in Bellator, then 24 hours later you’re watching this tree-trunk-legged child-man walking down a future UFC Hall of Famer.

Of course, this diaper man wasn’t lost on fans and fighters who tuned into last night’s extremely fun (and bloody) show last night. There were jokes, many jokes, and if jokes weren’t made, it people still looked on, astonished at the diapered heavyweight mixed martial artist waddling on their television.

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